There's nothing better than casting out your first bait. The game between man and fish begins. The thrill of reeling in "the big one" or "the elusive" becomes a possibility.

But are you using the best bait for the fish you're after? Before your hook hits the water, ask yourself these questions:
  • Where are you fishing?
  • What type of fish are popular in the area?
  • Are the fish attracted to soft plastic baits? Frozen bait?
  • What about berley? Pilchards?
  • Or are they attracted to other lures?
Norcross Fishing offers a wide range of lures and natural bait options. In regards to our natural options, Norcross provides you with the finest seasonal selection.


We carry a large range of bait from your everyday nz pilchards (Sardinops Neopilchardus) to the less common flying fish (Cypselurus Lineatus)


  • Kina Mussel Mix
  • Fish mix 3kg, 5kg, 8kg
  • Mussel & Mackerel 4kg
  • Dry Pellets
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