The tale of Norcross Fishing World

What started off as a drop in the bucket has become an ocean of opportunity.

In 1952, Charlie Norcross, a keen sportsman and fisherman, made his dream a reality and opened a small sports store on the main street of Henderson: Great North Rd.

Eight years later, having outgrown the premises, Charlie moved around the corner to 15 Railside Ave into a brand new store, three times the size of the old shop. Locals continued to choose Charlie - his knowledge and expertise as well as the wide range of fairly price sporting goods on offer had them hooked.

In 1972, Charlie incited his son, Robert, to join the company. Robert is the current owner of Norcross Fishing World, keeping the company proudly family owned and operated.

In 1986, Robert decided it was time to change the store to a dedicated fishing tackle shop - no more guns, no more camping. Robert's reasoning? It's much better to be the best in the fishing world than just OK in the "sporting" world.

Today - more than 60 years on - Norcross Fishing remains a big fish in West Auckland's pond.
Knowledgeable and competitively priced, Norcross Fishing World is your one-stop shop.
Charlie Norcross
Charlie Norcross

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Found a good price online but still want local service? Norcross Fishing World will match any NZ fishing website or fishing store's price.

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